Another long day

Went down this morning and started the tractor and it fouled a plug. Drove it up to the compound and changed it out for a clean one. Once it was running right took it down and after clearing out around the camper that was abandoned here almost 2 years ago now, hooked to it and after removing the blocks pulled it out and up to where the other camper is situated in the field. Will call the previous owner and see if it was ever paid for and if not ask him to come get it. Otherwise am thinking about running an ad in the paper for an abandoned vehicle and applying for a new title. Next went back down and after clearing out around and under hooked to the 8×8 building and moved it up by the old trailer as a temp new home. After large amounts of moving, clearing, and rearranging will move it on up close to the back door of the compound and use it for trade day storage with sheds on 2 or possibly 3 sides for firewood storage. Took a break for lunch and then hooked to the trailer and went across the creek and into the cedar thicket where with the help of about 75 feet of steel cable, snaked a large oak tree out of the woods, one section at a time. Afterwards snagged a large section of wild cherry out of the creek and dragged it out to where the oak was waiting to be cut up. Cut some and then sharpened the saw, and cut the rest. Bill came over and split about half of it while I was cutting the other up. Cat was loading as fast as she could. After I finished cutting it up, I started loading, and Bill started just splitting the rounds in half so we could load them easier. Finished just a dark thirty. Hooked the tractor back to the trailer and moved it back to the compound where it sits fully loaded now. Came in and sat by the fire for a bit and then cooked and ate supper. Cat and I are both totally worn out. Suspect it will be an early night. Not sure what the morning will bring. With what remains to be done both inside and out I rather suspect we will be working around here all day but will see when we get up in the am. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another long day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Been busy. Family stuff with Sue’s family has taken up Friday and Saturday both. Along with changing oil in the cars Friday, and a thermostat in Sue’s car. Discovered that the hose going from the air cleaner box to the throttle body is cracked–going to try and see if I can do something with it before we go. It wasn’t that visible before, but I am hoping that is the air leak problem. Didn’t have time to find a replacement, and I think most places were closed following Thanks giving anyway. Don’t think it will matter much on the road, but don’t really like it. That’s how it goes…

    Will see y’all later, hope you found what I left you Wednesday. Thanks again! Tell Bill thanks too–everytime I called, it was busy.


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