Monday and taking it somewhat easy

With the wood cutting and other assorted strenuous activities the past few days the aging bod told me in no uncertain terms that I had to take it (much) easier today. Spent the morning sorting and hanging tools in the workshop and the first part of the afternoon clearing out stuff from the back room. Finally got to the south wall and started taking the old plastic off and removing the staples in preparation to putting the bubblepack insulation up. Got the south most section on the east wall by the door cleaned and insulation hung but still lack the upper 4 feet + on the east wall. Have about half the south wall stripped and ready to hang, and then will be able to remove the platform behind the wood heater and work on that section as well as start on building the storage loft in that room. Been going slow and reading between work sessions and am not quite as sore and exhausted as I have been the past few evenings. Fixing to go and heat some soup for supper. Then plan to do a bit more reading and call it an early night, so until tomorrow… 😉


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