Hump day again

Survived the wind and storms last night, with as far as I know, little or no damage. Cat is not doing good today so decided to wait another day before going to Calcis. As the 21+ pound turkey has finally thawed decided to cook it today so we will have food for the next while. Got it in the oven about noon so should come out around 5. Was reading some stuff online about cooking turkeys and it seems that it’s now considered a no-no to cook birds with the stuffing inside. Personally I like them that way and will continue to cook them filled. I do use a digital thermometer to check the internal temp prior to taking them out, and also use a bake in bag which seems to help keep the temp up, and have never had any problems with the turkey or stuffing. YMMV…

Trying to decide if I feel up to heading for the woods to get another load of wood. General consensus is that I don’t but weather is gonna get cold again tonight or tomorrow and we need something that will burn hot to dry the other stuff I got last week out to get it to burn so guess I will head that way after lunch. Got a bunch of old dead cedar in the area I was in last week that I want to limb and pile on the trailer and then cut up here at the compound so I can collect the sawdust. Got a couple of leather jackets that have mildew on them, and was talking to a guy a while back that suggested putting the jacket with a bunch of cedar chips in a plastic bag and sealing it up for a couple of weeks to kill the mildew. Figure it’s worth a try prior to doing the dry cleaner thing.

For now gonna go stir the cats soup (turkey neck and parts) and fix something for lunch. Till later… 😉


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One Response to “Hump day again”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hope Cat gets to feeling better soon. All the weather changes do seem to make it easier to get down health-wise, don’t they?

    Stuffing-wise, I remember years ago when they said “Don’t cook the stuffing in the bird! Cook it outside the bird!” Since my family has always been dressing folk, it was a non-issue for us, since I have never seen dressing inside a bird, but I can understand the problems that can arise with stuffing inside a bird if
    A. the bird isn’t cleaned properly.
    B. the bird isn’t thawed properly (leading to ice that both harbors bacteria and lowers the final temperature inside where the stuffing is)
    C. the cook gets “in a rush” because of time constraints and doesn’t let the thing get as done as possible.
    Then you have the real “recipe for disaster”, so to speak…I don’t think these apply in your case.

    Let me know how the cedar trick works–it sounds like a good one, given enough time, a good seal on the container, and enough cedar. At worst it will give a nice aroma to the jackets, and make you well-liked by the local hamsters. (Actually, I can imagine dogs being very interested also, and wanting to know just WHERE they can find whatever pile it was you rolled it so that THEY can too!)

    Have a good day!


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