Down and up kind of day

Had a bad case of the dizzies last night and this morning, so didn’t even try to go to Calcis today. By about noon they had settled down though I was still feeling rough. Ate lunch then lay down and read a bit and got restless after about a half hour so got dressed for outside and took a walk to the creek to see if I could get the tractor back to some fallen trees to cut and drag out for firewood. After fighting my way back into the area, looked like I could so went and cranked the tractor, put the scrape blade on it and started killing small trees and vines. Spent over 2 hours at it and managed to clear within about 150 feet of the fence line. Have now got access to several large fallen trees, some of which should be fairly good firewood. Some will probably be too rotten but will have to wait till I cut into them to see. Not sure when we’ll get time and weather to get more cut but at least this part if done. Next time I get to clearing I want to finish the creek bank to the fence/property corner and then start back up the fence. I cleared from the other end about half way down that run of fence several years ago but it’s grown up again as I haven’t been back in there to clear, but the entire fence should be fairly easy to cut a road along now. Think we may try for Calcis again tomorrow depending on how we both feel in the morning. Till the morrow… šŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Down and up kind of day”

  1. Steve Says:

    Friday might be your best day for it–rain comes again tonight. Possibly freezing early Saturday morning. Global warning, my ass!

    Had a not-usual day yesterday. Started out usual, got up, started coffee, and took a shower. Went on with things as usual, and the wife got up and showered. After she left for work, the son got up (about 30 minutes or so after she showered) and he took a shower. Briefly. Came out complaining LOUDLY about having no hot water at all. This was unusual (the lack of hot water, not complaints from the son) so about 30 minutes after he took a shower, I checked the hot water. Or near total lack thereof. (It was warmer than the cold water, but only just.) After checking things out I came to the conclusion that one of the elements (probably the top one) had gone bad. Went to work, did some stuff, and borrowed an element wrench then left about 10:30 and bought two elements and went home. Spent a little bit of time swapping the elements, then washed the towels used to sop up water while I ate lunch and the water heated, which it did nicely.

    Left for Birmingham (daughter’s doctor’s appointment) about 1:30, got back around 6. Didn’t do a lot last night, other than lose epically to the wife at Scrabble. Oh, well….today is another day. Hope you are feeling better, and Cat too. Have a good one!


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