Long Friday Done

At least I hope it is. Started with a trip to Wally World this morning. Got necessary stuff and headed to Calcis. With a stop at K-Mart and Dollar General in Pell City and a drug store in Harpersville along the way. Finally got to Calcis and unloaded stuff. Put slime and air in Cat’s mother’s 3 wheeler tires. Tried to ride it and even on flat ground the thing will hardly move. Gonna have to check the # of teeth on one of the gears and see if the folks that put it together might have reversed it. Sucker is a single speed but there is one dual gear that I got to wondering about on the way home. Anyway put it back on the porch and put a shower seat together and got it adjusted. Worked on and at least temporally repaired a DVD player for her and then went and sat in the truck and read till Cat had done her bit, then we went to Vincent to the grocery store to get some forgotten items and made one more trip back to Calcis and then headed home. With one stop at K-Mart in Pell City to get a couple of things we had looked at on the way down for her but weren’t sure of until Cat talked to her. And then, as it was 4 pm and the last time we tried to go through Lincoln on a Friday at that time we ran into a mess of traffic, we came back via Ragland. Lots less traffic that way even if it is a bit further than the way we have been going. Got home, unloaded, started the fire back up, fixed and ate supper, got wood in for the evening and finally got to sit down. Gonna go up and read a bit and then call it an early night. Hoping to get up and out prior to the rain in the morning and put a tarp over the bathroom roof until I can get another one built. Till tomorrow… šŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Long Friday Done”

  1. Steve Says:

    Was just looking at the map on Google–I don’t know the way that you go, but from looking at the map (and my aversion to I-20) I believe that if I were going to Calcis, I would go out to the 144-431 intersection, go down 144 all the way to 231 in Pell City (which takes you through the big city of Ragland), and then follow that through Pell City until I picked up whatever road you needed to get to Calcis. (It doesn’t show on the map, and I don’t know exactly where you are going to.) Of course, that takes you right through the middle of Pell City, and at 4:00 on Friday, I’m sure that is a one of life’s more pleasant experiences. (Brief look at map again, in somewhat more detail) I don’t know–it doesn’t look like any reasonable way to avoid going through Pell City without discovering a BUNCH more country roads. I’ll have to talk wit you sometime about that…

    Had a Friday, got some stuff done, some easily, some not so easily, and some set aside for Monday. Just did a big breakfast for the whole family, balancing check book, etc. About to go in a little while to Wally World and possibly get a large LCD TV (40″-46″) as a Christmas gift for everybody. Have a 12 months no interest thing going on the Wally World card, so it seems like a good time. We are all getting eyestrain trying to see the one we have now–a nineteen inch CRT about 12 feet or more from where we watch it. Nice TV, but just a little bit small…also want to be able to hook up more stuff to it. Like a computer, etc.

    Have a good day!


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