Monday pieces

Went and paid bills and did a bit of shopping today. Stopped at the Salvation Army on Noble and got a few books, then at the Library and picked up a few more from the sale table out front and yet more and a couple of gifts from the store inside. From there it was on to Wally World and more than we should have gotten but hope to get cookies and baking done so needed the stuff. Home much later than had planned to be and ate lunch after unloading the truck. Afterwards did a bit of reading and then worked on the loft for a while. Got 4 of the joists up finally. Thought I had another one cut which would finish off that section but looks like I didn’t so will start with that in the morning. The only thing they seem to be in line with is each other, so hope they will work. I’ve resigned myself to fitting the decking however it will work out and piecing what won’t. Hope I can get this first section done tomorrow, and then move some of the insulation and other bits and boxes from the floor up and on it and then get to the rest of the loft as I can, since I’ve got to put the wall insulation up prior to putting the rest in place. Standard sequential vortex work flow here in the compound. For now am gonna go and do a bit more reading and then hit the sack, so till tomorrow… 😉


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