Tuesday bytes

Or is that bites? Either way works on some level… 🙂

Had a this, that and the other day. Took some of the wiring that was running to the creek and beyond down. Removed the line going to the outhouse. Thinking I am gonna move it to behind the yard sale trailer so there are facilities of some form over there for those special moments. Moved the line that had been going to the creek over to the old trailer and got it suspended though not hooked up yet. Waiting is…

Took Cat up to Jacksonville to see one of her old teachers off to the great beyond, though did not go in, but sat in the truck and read. From the headache I got when she came back to the truck am glad that I didn’t. The amount of stinkum that folks use is totally uncalled for. Soap and water is good enough, and I’d much rather smell a bit of body odor than suffer the effects of the allergic reactions I have to so many of the scents on the market nowadays.

From KL Brown we went to Food Land in Alexandria and got some canned goods, sausage, soap, and frozen veggies, then came home. Unloaded, put up, and started work on getting lights installed on the work porch. Put up 3 boxes, wire, and light sockets, then added CF bulbs. Got it plugged into an outlet at present. Gonna add a switch as soon as I get a line run from the front of the qhut where power comes in. Plan to run 240 to a branch box in the back room and use it as a distribution point for the additions back here. Just got to figure out where to run the wire and mount the box. Then will be able to remove the 8+ extension cords that we are running this area on now. 😦

About dark, got the lights working and could see to use the radial arm saw so was able to cut the last joist and get it up. Now the first section is ready for 2×4 belting and then decking. Or somewhat anyway. Still got to add one upright support and some extensions for the entry from the second floor before decking it. But should be able to deck the back section and start moving stuff into it to clear the rest of the area for teardown and then insulating so I can get the rest of the loft supports attached to the walls. Closer than I was anyway.

Just cooked and ate supper and am gonna take a sitdown, do a bit of reading and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Tuesday bytes”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like a good day(s). Haven’t commented in a while, this time of year gets busy, and I get tired.

    Mainly the same old/same old. Fixing computers and other technical stuff, tracking down assorted information for assorted tasks, that kind of thing. Quicken on the StarMax (Quicken 98, that is!) finally bit the big one last night–it got irritated easily when I scrolled through pages looking for stuff (while remoting in from a Windoze machine, that is) and crashed, which is not that unusual. Only thing is, this time it can’t seem to rebuild the indexes, so I guess I really will get Gnucash or SOMETHING going this weekend. I have been paralleling Quicken with a spreadsheet, just in case, so I know where we are at with the checkbook. (Not too good–but this IS December) The wife works this weekend, so I should be able to get it going with nothing more than a headache. Still trying to determine where I should start–the latest statement, or the beginning of the year. I guess it depends on how masochistic I feel this weekend–I mean, that much data entry is a real PITA. Such is life.

    Well, going to have to find something for breakfast and then head to work. Have a good day!


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