Somewhat Sunny Wednesday

At least on and off. Which is LOTS better than the rain, drizzle, and damp we have had for the past several days.

Got some of the extension boards cut for the first section of the loft and then got to thinking about what to use as a support post which led to wandering around the woodpile(s) and deciding on a 10+ foot long oak log about a foot in diameter at the base and 10 inches or so at the top. Got the adze ( ) out and sharpened it up a bit. Figured it was almost sharp enough when I sliced my thumb open with it just by rubbing up against the edge. After some peroxide, antiseptic, and bandaging, finished up the sharpening and started with debarking the log. Worked a while with the adze and then got a draw knife and worked on it for a bit. Took a break and made a trip to the PO to post some ebay stuff. Got back and went back at it. Spent somewhere over 2 hours on it and am about 3/4’s of the way done. Still got some bark to remove and a lot to clean up with the draw knife. Then will cut slots on two sides (90 degrees between them) to accept the joists and flooring so that the loft will be resting on the post rather than just attached to it.

Just finished supper and am gonna go and read a bit then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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