Thursday done

Started out cleaning the rest of the bark off the oak post. Cleaned it up some with the draw knife and decided that the hands and arms wouldn’t take much more so called it good enough for now. Got two T posts (metal T shaped fence posts about 6 feet long) and a piece of rope. Used the rope to make a sling under the log and used the T posts to walk the log forward. Worked for about 20 feet and the rope broke. Got a piece of chain and a bolt to use instead of the rope, which worked better. Walked it a bit further and called time out as I was done in. Wired the porch lights to a switch and put a plug on the other side for now, till I get the branch breaker box installed. At least this way we can use the switch instead of having to plug two bare wires into a socket. 🙂 Ate lunch and did a Post Office run, then back home and walked the post a bit further and after measuring it and the area it’s going into had to turn it around so it will go in top first. Walked it onto the porch and up to the door. Twas dark and getting cold by that point so I cut up some more cedar for the fire and called it a night. Been reading feeds and sitting by the fire since. Gonna do a bit more reading and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Thursday done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like fun. I KNEW there was a reason I didn’t become a logger/log home builder…

    Been typical end-of-the-semester type things. Some running around to get things working, and a lot of working in the workbuilding, staying out of sight. Today is a half day of school, may get off early. We’ll see. Have a weekend planned of getting the financial software going here at home–no choice, Quicken 98 on the Mac finally couldn’t reconstruct indexes after a crash. (Working via VNC on the old Mac is a little bit delicate–too much scrolling and it locks up. Usually Quicken reconstructs indexes and moves on, but the last time it didn’t…) Other things planned for the time off also–I am FINALLY going to get Linux running on my dual-core Athlon. I have moved everything over to another machine, and have a drive ready to put in and load up, now all I have to do is choose a distro…..decisions, decisions.

    Have a good day, and hope all the rain I hear out there isn’t giving you too much trouble.


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