And hoping tomorrow is if nothing else drier.

As I have tweeted most of the days events I am just gonna do some cut and paste here and fill in bits and pieces.

Worst of the rain seems to be past. Hoping to get the post inside and upright after it ends, then I can get on with the rest of the loft.
about 8 hours ago

Got the come-a-long, chain, and trucker style tiedown, hooked the tiedown around the north/south running loft joist and then the come-a-long to it. Chain around the post and hooked the other end of the come-a-long to chain and started pulling it inside. Took a while but with a bit of prying to get it over things moved it inside without any problems.

Post is now inside. Sucker is HEAVY. Still not quite sure how I am gonna stand it up, but gone too far to back out now. 😉
about 7 hours ago

Added a 2×6 under the top end of it and angled it up on some of the rocks around the woodburner and continued jacking the come-a-long. Had to reposition the chain and tiedown a couple of times but with a bit of assistance from the 4 ft crow bar got it up on the edge of the old platform.

Got it up at a 30-35 degree angle. Gonna have to run a steel pipe from the west window sill to the loft beam to lift the post in place.
about 7 hours ago

Went out into the drizzle and got the 12+ ft long steel pipe that was used with carpet and vinyl flooring rolls. Sucker is quite strong as I have used it before to tie to when pulling engines with it supported only on the ends and not have much deflection. To be on the safe side I added bracing under the loft joist and just past where the come-a-long was tied to and it worked just fine.

Post is upright and in the correct position! Now to measure and cut the sections out that the joists will fit into and secure them to it.
about 6 hours ago

With level, straight board, sawzall, 3 inch chisel, and large mallet I located the proper position for the slot, marked it off, cut top and bottom edges with the sawzall and then with mighty blows to the chisel and much groaning and sweating managed to get the slot cut out. Moved the chains and assorted ropes and tiedowns around and got the joist fitted in place and then screwed in on both ends. Where I attached it to the second floor there was a gap so I went back and got the pipe clamp, removed the screws, clamped it down and put them back in and all was good.

Post is now slotted for one joist which is fitted and secured. Taking a break for a late lunch and will get back on it. Pics coming soon.
about 3 hours ago

Cat took pix of some of the operation which I will get and upload soon. May try to do it before this is posted, will have to see how I feel when I get there.

Gonna take a break from manual labor and see if I can get rid of this headache. Need to go to the store for milk but thats gotta wait too.
about 2 hours ago

Didn’t make it to the store. Have just enough for breakfast so will make do. Took something for the head and lay down for a few minutes and most of it left. Still got a lot of upper back tension but figure thats from some of the excesses of the past couple of days playing with heavy things. 😉

Headache has eased off some. Fed the cat horde. Flue pipe was smoking worse after a 2×8 fell on it earlier, so went outside and got…
20 minutes ago

Some red mud and resealed the seams. Much cheaper than furnace cement, works pretty good and here in Alabama tis always available… 😉
17 minutes ago

After mudding the pipe it seems to be working/drawing better. Gonna have to take it loose outside and run the brush through it tomorrow. Suspect I have a buildup of creosote with all the wet wood we have been burning. Think I will get the card reader and see about uploading some of the pix of this undertaking.

Didn’t get the first part or the last bits but here are a few pictures of the post and some of the work.


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