Tuesday on Twitter

Another day with most of the stuff posted on twitter so will do the cut and paste thing again.

Found the charger for the Craftsman 18v cordless drill. Got the battery charging now. Need to see if I can get enough good cells from the
about 12 hours ago

Other two bad batteries to make one good one. Coffee perking away on the woodburner and starting to smell good. Getting a late start. šŸ˜‰
about 12 hours ago

Battery charged right up after a 2 year hiatus and is working fine. Got the rest of the 2×4’s off the walls and started stripping plastic.
about 10 hours ago

Cut some strips of thin plywood to staple the insulation to on the long wall where there are no studs. Put the first bits in and found
about 10 hours ago

An area that needs to be sealed with more than caulk so gonna have to go get some spray foam to fill it and some other large openings to the
about 10 hours ago

Outside that are letting the winter winds in. Back in a bit…
about 10 hours ago

Back from the madness that is Wally World. Survived though there were times I had doubts. Was gonna cut wood this afternoon but too late.
about 6 hours ago

Guess I’ll get on with foaming the worst of the openings. Maybe it’s not too cool for it to expand properly.
about 6 hours ago

Two cans of foam used, seems to be much less air coming in now. Cut up the rest of the turkey and the cats are now and will feast for days.
about 4 hours ago

Guess I will finish removing the plastic from the south wall, pulling the remaining staples, and then put the insulation up.
about 4 hours ago

Then get to do the same thing on the west wall. Ah, forgot the step that goes first I get to move a couple of thousand pounds of rock… šŸ˜¦
about 4 hours ago

Rocks are piled up around the back of the woodburner. Me is tired. Still need to get staples pulled and insulation up on south wall. šŸ˜¦
about 3 hours ago

Staples pulled and south wall ready to insulate. Gonna clear the floor in here so I can cut the 6′ x 10′ 5″ and 6′ x 10′ 6″ pieces.
about 2 hours ago

Insulation up. Supper cooked and eaten. Firewood for the evening inside. Woodburner pumping out the BTU’s. Wanting to hit the sack…
12 minutes ago

And that has been it for the day. Am somewhere over the line of being worn out. The ton or so of rocks was the kicker today. Was hoping to get further along with the second leg of the loft but looks like thats gonna have to wait for another day. Most likely (health bits allowing) heading for Calcis tomorrow so am calling it a night, till tomorrow… šŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Tuesday on Twitter”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like a busy time over there. I’ll have to check out the changes personally soon. I’ll check with you Thursday, I guess, to see if you are home…and haven’t floated away on the storms coming in…at least it probably won’t be snow…

    Been working around the house on computer things, and going into town on occasion, and taking the daughter to Birmingham for an appointment yesterday. Oh, the traffic was WONDERFUL! You would think it was almost Christmas or something. Have to do some more errands today, and more around the house, of course. Always something…but it’s nice not to have something hanging over my head at work this Christmas, like the computer lab swap last Christmas. That was real fun. But it got swapped.

    Have a good day, and be careful among all the “elves” out there having knife-fights for the Xmas stuff…


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