Merry Ho Ho Ho

Got up and got to cooking this morning. Cooked the sweet potatoes that I was gonna do in the crock pot last night but did them in the microwave due to time restraints. While they were on started doing the cheese and nibbles tray. Finished up about the same time. Got the oatmeal for breakfast done and served and started the boiled eggs. Ate breakfast, cut the sweet potatoes open and scrapped the centers out of the skins, put in oven dish with margarine, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, brown sugar, and about half a can of crushed pineapple, topped with mini-marshmallows and put in 350 degree oven to brown. Then showered, then peeled the eggs, cut them and did a quick but ok deviled egg filling with salt, pepper, mustard, mayo, pickle juice, and a dash of paprika. Put it in a plastic baggie and cut a corner off, then filled the whites. Took the sweet potatoes out of oven, loaded it all along with totes of prezzies in truck and headed out to the folks house. Made it just in time for the picking of pieces of meat from the bird. Ate too much of every thing, did the gift exchange, sat and talked, munched on bits from the kitchen, and after the sun started hiding for the day loaded up and headed back home. Had a drink and munchie and took a nap. Awoke to pay the rent, reload the woodburner, get another cookie, and write this. Hope everyone had a good day whatever the weather where they are! Gonna do a bit of browsing and then hit the sack again, so till tomorrow.


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