Sunday there and back again

Gathered up things this morning and headed to Calcis. Got there around 12:30 and unloaded the truck. Did a bit of measuring and then drilled and installed sight glasses in both of Martha’s doors at a hight comfortable to her. Drilled a hole in the storm door on the front and put a small eye bolt in it and sawed the excess off the outside, then coated the outside and inside with gel super glue to lock it in place. Added the hook to the door frame and the job was done. Did the prezzy thing and then munched on cheese, crackers, olives, and pickles for a while. Ate a bit of real food and then packed the truck and came back to the compound. Got unloaded and then got wood in and rebuilt the fire, while Cat fed the critters. Fixed and ate supper and then sat down at the computer to catch up on the feeds and Twitter. Am fixing to throw another few logs on the fire and head upstairs to read a bit prior to hitting the sack early as I am not feeling too good. Not sure if it’s the bug again or what but am hoping rest will counter whatever it is as I need to be out cutting wood tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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