Monday bits and pieces

Did most of the day via Twitter so am gonna just repost it here and fill in the end bits.

Quite cold for here this morning. Almost 60 inside. Outside in sunshine is about 45. Ripping wood to strip in the last ceiling insulation.
about 9 hours ago

Added a bunch of trim to the west wall on the top outside just under the roof. Been meaning to do it since I built the room.
about 6 hours ago

So can now mark that round tuit off the list. Caulked a bunch of open seams and nail holes on the outside on that wall too.
about 6 hours ago

Seems to have less drafts in here now. Added one more piece of insulation which evened up the side. Cut it from scrap from the east wall.
about 6 hours ago

Just as I was finishing up outside heard a terrible impact and then a bunch more. Came down off the ladder and went out front to find a
about 6 hours ago

police car in the across the pasture neighbors drive with lights flashing. Suspect the car or truck that was being chased rolled and landed
about 6 hours ago

in front of the neighbors house. That yard is a magnet for accidents. They (the state) rebanked the curve a few years back and not as many
about 6 hours ago

have landed there since but I wouldn’t want to live in that house! This one sounded like someone was severely damaged or dead just from the
about 6 hours ago

tone of the impacts. So far have had ambulance, fire truck and rescue squad show up. No smoke or flames yet so guess they are cutting
about 6 hours ago

the person(s) out of the wreckage. Not sure what kind of car it is, but it took the roll back about 15 minutes to pull it out and load it.
about 6 hours ago

Missjudged the time. From the time of my last post to the one I just made was 30 minutes and I had gone out to watch just after it was made.
about 6 hours ago

When I heard the rollback pull up. Looks like the homeowner is there now too. He and the officer have been talking. Didn’t hear sirens
about 6 hours ago

when the ambulance left so…
about 6 hours ago

Did some more with the insulation. Got all but one small 4 x 5 foot section of the ceiling and about 8 feet of the west wall done now.

Went out and finished splitting the rest of the sweetgum trunk that I had drug up and cut a while back. Sucker took it out of me too! Was severely winded by the time I got it all split. Moved a pile of wood in and got the fire going for the night. Cat took care of supper and we ate then have been listening to Episode 100 which is the Christmas episode of The Clockwork Cabaret since. Some interesting music! Till tomorrow… 😉


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