Tired out Tuesday

Did a bit of insulating this morning and then took some stuff to the Post Office. Went to Food Land in Alexandria afterwards to get milk and ended up with a ham and some frozen veggies as well. Came home and got back at the insulation. Managed to get the ceiling and upper west wall done, which means I can take the walk board supports down. And them down will allow me to finish the 7×8 foot section of west wall that still needs insulation. Once that is insulated then I can get the support posts up for the rest of the loft and complete that bit of insanity.

Anyway, back to the days bits. Steve came by just as I was finishing up the ceiling and we exchanged Christmas prezzies. Thanks for the munchies! Got into some after supper and had too much.

Once again back to it. After Steve left, ate lunch and then got the chainsaw out and finished cutting the cedar and other stuff that was left on the trailer. Then got the tractor out and hooked to the trailer and took it to the cedar thicket where I proceeded to cut downed trees, from a tornado 20+ years ago, into sections I could handle and started to load them on the trailer. Bill came over after I had about half a trailer load and helped me finish loading it. We then came back across the creek and went over to the big sweetgum, that had fallen several years back, that I had cut a road into a couple of weeks ago, and I cut it in several places to get it into sections small enough to drag with the tractor. Brought the tractor and trailer up to the compound and unhooked the trailer, then went back with the tractor and hooked to one piece of the gum and drug it up here to cut up. Put the tractor up for the night, then sharpened the chain saw and refilled the fuel and oil and cut up the gum into splittable sections. Cut up a couple of wheelbarrow loads of cedar, then split 3 rounds of the gum and called it a night on the heavy work.

Came in and started a pan of veggie, sausage and leftover soup. Worked on it on the woodburner for a couple of hours and then ate. After the soup was consumed got into some cheese and crackers, olives and pickles and had too much but twas soooooo good. Refilled the heater and sat down to the computer, caught up on twitter and feeds and proceeded to do this. Am gonna go up and do a bit of reading here in a bit and then call it a night, so till tomorrow…


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One Response to “Tired out Tuesday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Glad you liked the stuff. The cookies are good! Yeah, I know they were supposed to be for the kids, but you KNEW me and the wife would eat some….

    Left your place yesterday and went and looked at the car impact site(s). If someone walked away from that one, I hope they went somewhere and bought lottery tickets, because it was DEFINITELY their lucky day. Did the Ewe and Wally World thing, then went to fix a computer or two at someone’s house. Had a Java problem on a machine that kept it from uploading information from a medical device. Wound up calling tech support (who were very good, BTW) and uninstalled Java, and then installed a much earlier version–went from 1.6 update 17 to 1.5 version 11. It worked, so that’s what mattered. I told them to tell Java “NO!!” every time it wants to update, and they should be OK. From reading between the lines with the tech support folks, I think they will be doing some checking on why the later Java didn’t work. Then set up a wireless router, and went home where the wife had vegetable soup and cornbread going for supper. Yum yum! Then played Scrabble, and won rather handily. Sometimes the stars/letters align just right….not much else for the evening.

    Now about to get ready and go pick up another computer to work on, and go with the wife to Dollar Tree. Oh boy! Actually, the Dollar Tree can be pretty fun.

    Have a good one!


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