Long tired day

Got out this morning and cut up the wood on the trailer, then split the remaining 4 rounds of gum. Cat loaded the cut and split pieces and added them to the pile under the shed. Got the tractor, brought it back up, hooked to the trailer and went down to the creek. Unhooked the trailer and took the tractor into the new cut where I hooked to and drug out a section of the gum. Brought it up here and then went back and did it with the rest of the tree that was solid enough to burn. Back down and hooked to the trailer and took it across the creek where I cut a bunch of cedar. Loaded a fair amount of it and then had to unhook the tractor and use it to pull a couple of trees down out of the vines. Dragged them to the old garden and left them there to cut up later. Back across the creek and made it almost to the trailer when the tractor quit. Checked the gas and seemed to be ok, then checked the spark and had none. Took the dist cap off and cleaned the points and had fire again. Put it back together and hooked back to the trailer. Cat came up about then and helped me to load a bunch more cedar and a oak I cut up. Drove it back up to the 2 cedars I had left earlier and cut them up and out of the vines. Loaded them and came back to the compound where it started sleeting. Unhooked the trailer and took the tractor to the barn and walked back up. Cat was putting the tarp over the trailer when I got back and helped her finish it up. Unloaded some of the oak and split it up to see how it would burn. Had ants in it so left most of it outside. Came on in and ate lunch, then took a shipment to the PO and then came back. Raining pretty good and I was beat so been doing the computer thing most of the afternoon. Took some time this evening and modified a can to act as a funnel to catch the drips from the flue and channel them into a can. Drips were still making a bit of noise so bent a wire into a flat spiral and then pulled it out from the center to make a cone and put it in the funnel which killed the noise without slowing the flow. Will see about changing the slope of the flue at some point so it doesn’t leak but for now this works and only requires emptying once a day. Have thought about trying to insulate the outside pipe but tis not too practical with as much pipe sticking up as I have right now. Suspect that I’ll build a stone flue in the near future. For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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