Happy New Year

Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy New Year’s Eve and New Year!

Made it through another year, and another decade. Not sure which was the biggest achievement.

Still heating with wood.

Still making it from day to day, but also still making it.

Though I guess there were some notable achievements that we made in the past year at present they don’t really come to mind.

Still working on the dwelling, and still not sure what to call it. Some days it’s a house, some it’s the compound, some the dwelling. All fit and none. Tis where we live and keep our stuff. Or some of it as there are other buildings filled with bits and pieces here on the property. Trying to trim down the amount of stuff, and other than getting rid of a bunch of cars not succeeding very well as we seem to buy more than we get rid of.

All in all twas a year and we (most of us anyway) made it through. RIP to those who did not.

Hoping that the next year brings less pain and more gain to us all! Happy New Year everyone!


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