New Years Day

Went to my folks house for lunch. Had ham, black eyed peas, greens, pickled beets, three bean salad, and cornbread. Watched a bit of the Rose Bowl Parade and talked for a while and then came home. Temp had dropped quite a bit by then. Came in and cleaned out the firebox and rebuilt the fire. Got a batch of wood in for the afternoon and evening. Went up on the trailer and covered each of the roof vents with 4 layers of plastic shopping bags and a round of duct tape. Will have broken down by mid summer but will do the job till they aren’t needed any more. Should have covered the north windows too but will try to get to that tomorrow. Came in and did a bit on the computer and then read a bit. Fixed and ate supper and then listened to the Second Anniversary 101st edition of the Clockwork Cabaret. Tis some interesting music and banter. Have only listened to 4 or 5 so far but have a bunch more downloaded and must say I am hooked! Am gonna go up and read a bit more and then call it a night. Hope everyone had a Good New Years day. Till tomorrow… 😉


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