– Carpenter Throws Sawblade Through 2×4 – Carpenter Throws Sawblade Through 2×4.

Watched it several times and read all the comments and still on the edge here.  If faked (and most likely is) they do a good job.  Wild stuff!


4 Responses to “ – Carpenter Throws Sawblade Through 2×4”

  1. Steve Says:

    I would say definitely faked. I can see no way that the blade could be spun fast enough to cut through the 2×4 the way it does. Now, maybe if the blade was made of some metal that was so dense that it weighed, oh, 25 or 30 lbs, and this dude had muscles to make Arnold weep with envy, THEN it might could do it. But considering the small amount of inertia that the blade would have, spinning it fast enough to actually cut through anything like that is pretty much impossible.

    Having said that, that IS rather cool, isn’t it?! And very nicely done. Once again, I am wondering just WHAT the government/corporations/people with a lot of time on their hands have us believing that isn’t so…and where are all the cool, believable UFOs? Between all the damn camera phones out there, and all the editing software, we should be seeing TONS of either real or realistic video…I guess I’m just not looking in the right place….


  2. depatty Says:

    Yep, faked. Read some more at the site I found it through and the fellow that posted the link posted that if you manage to pause it the frame prior to the blade hitting the wood that the sawdust is already there. But still tis a GOOD fake!


  3. Steve Says:

    Hey–if someone COULD throw that sucker fast enough with enough spin to cut the 2×4, the wind coming off the saw teeth would probably throw sawdust before the teeth hit anyway!

    I wonder how much time it takes to do such a fake…people time, and compiling time. A good bit of both, I would think, unless you have some really mondo machines to compile it for you. (I mean hours, not days, but still hours to get it right….)


  4. Olly Parry-Jones Says:

    A good video (thanks for the link!) but, I agree with the other comments.

    Plus, that cut looks too perfect – square and at 90°!! 😀



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