Saturday that keeps feeling like Monday

Not sure what it is but all day I keep thinking it’s Monday.  Ah well…

Got the plastic put on the north facing windows in the trailer.  Still got the south facing ones to do but there’s tomorrow.  Had to cut briars and pull up/cut small trees to get to the north side but after a bit sharpening the bush axe and sling blade took care of all that.  Moved the scaffolding down next to the qhut where I’m going to put it up to use with the extension ladder to get the eves on the north side finished.  Still got two 4 foot sections open to the wind and I’m sure losing a lot of heat from.  Wanted to finish the wall first but at this point will put plywood or something temp over the openings till I get to the wall.  Got all 4 open on the south side that I’ll get after I do the north.  Also got the east side that needs some trim at the roofline.  Again, hoping to get it tomorrow.  Will do as much as I can and continue on as I can the next day, so no biggie.  Also have a bunch of wood I need to finish cutting and splitting.  Got enough for a few days but in this cold the stove is eating it fast.  For now am gonna go up and do a bit of reading, come back down and reload the stove, and call it a night.  Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Saturday that keeps feeling like Monday”

  1. Steve Says:

    I am on my last day out of two weeks, and I REALLY can’t keep track of what day of the week it is. Or month. Or year. Or decade, now that you mention it…that will change on the morrow, methinks.

    Yes, Virginia, if you have a gap, plugging it would be good. With possible single digit temps coming, and certain teens, it would be VERY good. Definitely cold out there, and getting colder, as Johnny D. sang oh those many years ago. Maybe even snow on Thursday or so. In this weather, it will stick. Oh, well, whatever comes will come.

    Going to FINALLY do a few things at work today, and generally get ready for tomorrow. Hope things go well with you. Have a good one!


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