One of those days

Got out and moved the split wood to the storage area this morning. Got to looking at the storage pile and tore part of it down, cleaned behind part of it and then rebuilt it as 2 stacks side by side. Took the larger and too long stuff out and split or cut it as needed then restacked it. Fired up the chain saw and cut up the rest of the gum log. Split a bunch of the rounds and then called it a morning. Came in and after a bit of a cool down fixed and ate lunch. Got back out this afternoon and after resharpening the chain saw cut up about 2/3’s of the trailer load of cedar. Got that picked up and stacked and split all but a couple of the remaining gum rounds and then called it a day on that part. Came in and realized that the woodburner needed the firebox cleaned out so found a old deep fat frier basket and used it to sift the live coals out of the ash. Carried out about 5 gallons of ash and then reloaded the coals in the firebox. Added wood and got the fire going again. It kinda died down and I opened the door to see about adding more wood and with the inrush of air got a flue fire going. Had pulled off my shoes but seeing fire floating down from the top of the flue grabbed a light, ran out and stomped the fires out with sock feet. This is after closing the doors to the stove and shutting the dampers off. Noting from the temp of the outside elbow that there was a blockage decided to go ahead and, though there was a fire in the stove, to clean the inside of the flue. Came in and put on my shoes, got some gloves and the flue brush and went to do battle with the flaming embers. Got the elbow section off and it was full of still burning creosote. Took a shovel and cleared an area on the ground where I poured the embers out and then got Cat to get some bottles of water that she had put up in case of freezing pipes. Poured water over the fire and made sure it was all out and then cleared the rest of the ground under the upright and where the flue came out of the building. Poured water on the ground so the rest of the embers would not catch anything on fire and preceded to clean the pipes. Twas an interesting experience. And I did learn that it is better to do the job when the pipe is much cooler than it was tonight. But none the less got it cleaned out and all the embers watered down and out. Put things back together and came in and restarted the fire, once again. Then ate supper, and afterwards took a MUCH needed shower. Stove seems to behaving much better now. Just got to remember to clean the flue every 2 to 3 weeks when burning this wet/green wood. Tis a pain and I hope to have next years pile of wood collected before spring gets here this year. Would actually like to have a couple of years of wood put back by then. Am sitting with about 2 cords cut and split now and have either 2 or 3 more fairly large trees that are down or nearly so that I have already cut access roads to that I want to get as soon as this cold snap is over.

Anyway, am about done in. Actually was done in prior to the flue fire and am REALLY done in now, so am gonna do a bit of reading and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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