Hump day once again

First of the new year. Did bits of this and that and not much of anything. Did make a run to Tractor Supply and get a couple of sticks of 8 inch flue pipe to replace the rusted/burned out one outside and the upright one coming from the stove. Could have most likely reused the one from the stove and will at a later date but wanted a new one so have it now. Cut an inch and a half off of the top end so the horizontal pipe would have a better slope and hopefully drain more of the creosote on into the firebox. Which it did. But not into the firebox. Drained it to the elbow and from there out to the stove top where it really stinks. Have now got another bit of Rube Goldburg kit taking the drip to a bucket sitting well away from the stove. I think it will work and will know by the morning.

After getting the pipes changed out fixed a large pot of soup, again on the woodburner. Twas okay but nothing to write home about. Will try it again tomorrow and see if I can figure out what else it needs. May try some curry powder and see if that will spice it up. 😉

Been reading some about rocket stove heating devices and am thinking about putting one in the back (south) room. Still in the thinking stage so will see.

For now am gonna do a bit more reading on a couple of different things and then call it a night, so till tomorrow…


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