Bits of Thursday

Did some furniture moving upstairs today. Along with adding some pegboard along the open wall under the south windows over the woodburner. Now things can’t fall and cause fire related problems. After the pegboard was up put in a shelf over it and under the west most two windows. Moved the couch that had been under the windows to the north wall against the east side, and moved the recliner and rocker that had been there to where the couch had been. Still got a fair amount of stuff to do up there but tis a start.

Watched the snow fall and then the ice fall. Tis quite slick outside at present. Went out earlier and knocked the ice buildup off the plastic tarp covered carports that I have as work/storage areas. Don’t think there will be any more buildup tonight as all the moisture seems to have moved out of the area.

Got a fair pile of firewood in for the evening and a lot more in the piles outside. Stove seems to be doing better with the new pipe though I don’t know why it would be. Maybe the wood is just drier after having a couple of days exposed to the cold air.

For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then read a bit and call it a night. Hoping the water holds out without freezing. Till tomorrow… 😉


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