Monday pieces

Went out and paid bills. Made a stop by Sav-A-Lots in Anniston for a couple of things that are cheaper there than at Wally World. From there came back home. Did lunch and took a lie down to read for a bit, then got started on some rolls for hamburgers. Got them ready and cooked them in the Roaster oven. Worked rather well and at about a quarter of the cooking cost of using the regular stove oven. Fixed and ate supper and have been sitting at the computer catching up on things since. Am about ready to call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Monday pieces”

  1. Steve Says:

    A definite Monday. Boss called while I was getting dressed, had to hurry on up to the elementary school to set up for a presentation by an author. Author’s agent had not gotten back to my boss as to what was needed, so we were setting up large screen, projector, and such as quickly as possible. Since is was such a warm day (insert sarcasm tag HERE) the plastic cover for the screen did NOT want to stretch, and we go our aerobic exercise. When we went to expand the screen frame the last little bit (you’re supposed to leave it not quite full size so that you don’t tear up the screen/rupture yourself putting the screen on), one of the joint pins failed and the frame kinked. Les horrors! Were able to straighten it out, and when we put the legs on, it was reinforced enough to hold up OK. Got that going, went and set up a projector for PE to use (they got run out of the new gym by the author, and the old gym has three out of four heat pumps dead–and it doesn’t warm up in this weather even when they ALL work 24/7) while the boss went to the high school looking for a cart with 32 Macbooks in it that had evaporated. Ooops. Turns out that the lady who was looking for them had them in her room. ??? She had a car accident Friday, maybe there was more damage done than she thought, like a memory hole ala Woz. Hope not. I moved on to setting up the Macs for the elementary school, which has been a real fun exercise, for a number of reasons. News came in of a house fire involving some people that everyone knew except me (and I may know the faces, but not the names–how unusual for me, eh? Insert another sarcasm tag…). Then heard that one of the teachers at the high school had had a wreck in Anniston on her way to work and totaled her car. She has bump on head, but otherwise OK, evidently. Learned later that another teacher who works from the same room as her had collapsed and died that morning right after rising for work. He had health issues, but seemed to be doing OK lately.

    So, yeah, it was Monday yesterday. Why do you ask? Still kicking meself, and hope to be for a while, and it actually got up to merely “cold” yesterday rather than “OMG hurry up I’m FREEZING!” cold. About to head out to work, where hopefully the day will go better.

    Have a good one!


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