Musings on a Rocket Mass Heater

After the cold this past few days and the amount of wood we are burning to stay just on the high side of freezing, I have been doing some research into Rocket Mass Heaters, and have decided to take the plunge and build one. The Ashley is just using too much wood with a large amount of it and the heat it’s producing going up the flue. There are a couple of possible mods I could make to it to get more heat but as I keep reading, air is just not a good storage medium and heat storage is what we need in here. Additional insulation would be nice and in areas will come asap but with a way to store the heat that’s produced and release it over time I think we’ll be way ahead of the game. And from what I have been reading the RMH does all that and more. I have most if not all of what will be needed to build one, it’s mainly the energy to get it put together in a operational configuration thats iffy. However, thinking on how much time and energy it takes me every year to cut, haul, split, stack, and then haul inside the firewood it takes to keep us warm(ish) over the winter, I’m thinking that tis a bit foolish to not invest at least that much into building something that will cut that by 3/4’s at least. Guess this is enough blathering for now. Gonna go and see what condition the 55 gal drum is in that I am wanting to use for the heat exchange drum. More as I get er done… 😉



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