Wednesday bits

Another very little done day. Got the chili cooked and then ate some. Decided to change it a bit, so added some corn and more water and am cooking it down more. Made some cornbread and wasn’t completely satisfied with the results. Will most likely feed the rest to the cats and make more for us tomorrow. Really like the counter top Roaster oven for cooking this kind of stuff. Heats up quicker and really does a better job than the oven in the stove. Will have to make up a batch of cookies with some of the leftover ingredients from Christmas and see how it works with them. I need to get or make a cookie sheet to fit in there. Another round tuit list item…

Broke the last 3 firebrick loose from the frozen ground. Cleaned them off and added them to the pile in the yard. Now need to get some clay and fill in the cement blocks in front of the woodburner so I can use the firebrick that are covering them up at present. Again will need to wait till a bit warmer weather for the dirt.

Made a trip to the PO with some E-Bay stuff, and then right back home. Just not up to much right now. Hoping tomorrow will be a more productive day. Till then… 😉


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