This and that Thursday

Ground outside is still hard frozen. I tried to move a storm window from under a pile of junk and it wouldn’t move. So moved the stuff off the top and then got a rake and removed more of the small stuff and got down to dirt which I had piled up and had fallen over on one side of the window, which was still frozen solid. Hopefully tomorrow it will be thawed. Will see when the day gets here. If not I’ll wait till it does, rather than risk breaking the glass in the window. Wanted to use it in the back porch enclosure. Was gonna work on that a bit but will wait till I can get the window out.

Came in and moved the brick and blocks from the west side of the wood stove. Piled the brick in the floor and restacked the block about 6 inches away from the stove, leaving a corridor between the block and the wall where I could work on the insulation. Cleared the rock and junk from the floor by the wall and got it safe to work in the area. Cut and installed a 2×4 block below the triple wall flue and stapled the plastic up to it.

Got ready to cut the insulation and realized that I had to move the brick out of the floor to measure it out. So spent another while moving and restacking them on the other side of the heater. Cleared the rest of the floor and after measuring all the different areas that needed to be cut realized I had to put in one more board to staple the insulation back together where it went around the flue. Cut that board and installed it, then remeasured everything, laid the insulation out and did the deed. Got Cat down to help hold it away from the hot flue and stapled it into place at the top and got it alined on the left side where there was a adheasive strip on the previous piece and after getting the two sealed together finished pulling it tight and stapling it in place. Fit just fine. Taped the seams with aluminum tape and then added one more piece to the right finishing the wall up. Still have a bit of taping to do on the seams but other than that the insulation on the south room is done! Finally! Spent a bit more time adding some scraps to the floor on corner by the west side of the woodburner platform and filling in the area with rocks. Am going to go to the creek and get some gravel and fill in around them to make a good base for the cob mass for the RMH exhaust to heat.

I have about figured out the pattern of the exhaust flue now. Tis gonna be an interesting bit of piping. Am going to see if I can make the pipe out of old water heater cover metal but suspect I will end up having to just buy woodburner flue pipe. Going to try to use 6″. I think the path will end up being about 36 feet long prior to getting to the vertical portion of the flue. Which is pushing it for 6″ pipe. I may have to go to 8″ and if so it will more than double the cost of the pipe. Will have to lay it out on paper and make sure of the twists and bends prior to committing it to cob.

Made another loaf/pone of cornbread tonight and like it a lot better than the one I did last night. Used the bottom recipe at with a couple of changes. Put 2 Table spoons of oil in the batter as well as 2 in the pan, and omitted the sugar as this locally grown and ground meal is so sweet by it’s self. Again cooked it in the Roaster oven and at 375 F took about 25 minutes. Twas quite tasty.

Rambled on long enough, so will close for now. Till tomorrow… 😉


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