Bits and pieces Friday

Got the window loose from the frozen ground without breaking anything. Cleaned it up a bit and set it up against the back wall. Will get to it when the time is right.

Moved the rest of the firebricks from in here to the pile out back where I am going to test the RMH. First use of the brick hod. Works great! and is much less wearing on the arms, hands, gloves, and clothes. The way it’s set, it also works great for cement blocks. Laid out the basic size of the RMH and put the bits together. Didn’t like it, so added another block on the ground for a base and added a brick to the length. Am using pieces of iron to support the firebrick at 2 points, one on each end of the fire/flame tunnel. Not sure if I’ll do that with the finished product or not but for now tis the easiest way to support them.

After getting it set up the way I wanted it, got a shovel and tub and went digging (ha-ha, frozen ground don’t allow digging) for clay. Managed to scrape a half a tub full from an area in the sun. Brought it inside and filled the voids in the cement block along the side of the stove island with it. Pounded it down good and smoothed it off on the top. Letting it dry now. Want to see how much it shrinks and cracks as the area I got this from is where I plan to dig the clay for the cob stove and benches.

After finishing, washing up, and eating lunch, got a shower and took a trip to Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, The Dollar Tree, and Wally World. Got prices on flue parts at the first two. Soap at the third and a pile of stuff at the last. Came home, unloaded, unpacked, put up, Cat fed felines, and then we ate. Afterwards I got caught up on reading feeds and twitter. Am gonna do a bit of reading and then call it a night. Hoping the rain waits till later in the afternoon before getting to us as I want to get a bunch of lumber under cover to do work in the bathroom area. Till tomorrow… 😉


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