Monday Jan 19, 2010 – Robert E. Lee Day

Just a note to folks to remember that this is not only MLK day but also REL day.

Had plans to finish the ceiling in the bathroom today. Got started and realized that I had to either sift the pile for additional screws of the length I needed or go to the store to get more so after debating about it, got dressed for going out (put my pants on) and headed out. Went to Warren’s Ace Hardware in Jacksonville, Al and got a pound of 1 5/8 x #6 and a pound of 2 1/2 X #8 sheet rock screws and paid less tax and all than I would have for a pound of either at Lowe’s. Came home and got a bunch of the lumber I am using out of the pile and laid it out in the sun to dry a bit as the rain the past couple of days had soaked it pretty well. Got one additional 3 foot section done and company came. Not unwelcome by any means but tis strange that for weeks on end will see no one and all at once there will be several folks drop in at the same time. Anyway after they left I got a bit more done and then fatigue set in and I had to get off the ladder and take a nap. Slept for an hour or so and then got up and fixed supper. Tried again after supper and work is just not happening tonight. So did a bit of browsing and caught up on the feeds. Am gonna do a bit more online and then read a bit and call it a night. Hoping tomorrow will see the ceiling finished and tub reinstalled, so till tomorrow… 😉


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