Bits of Wednesday

Got the shower/tub put back in today. Still very temporary but it works. When I get a real roof and south wall built I’ll do something much more lasting. And I do have plans for such but twill be spring or summer at the earliest before I can start on them.

Since the insulation and sealing of the largest air leaks it does seem a lot warmer in here. Now that it’s all done I’m back to the point of finishing the loft in the south room. And as I seem to be piling up equipment that I need to work on for assorted folks it looks like I’m gonna have to set up a repair bench so am gonna have to do a bit of rethinking as to what the south room is gonna get used for. Quickest is gonna be to put pegboard on the walls and set up a folding table, move enough stuff in there to work with and go to it. Which is what I will most likely do. Bit of plastic on the dirt and some carpet and tis a floor.

However for now am extremely tired. Realized just how tired when I tried to open a jar at supper and couldn’t do it, till upended and banged on the counter and lots of exertion even then, and was quite weak afterwards. So am gonna have to get some extra rest. Gonna go up and take a lie down and that may be it for the night. Will see when I see. So, till tomorrow.


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