Nothing fixed Friday

Been one of those days when nothing was gonna work. Kept plugging away at it anyway. Thought the computer I was working on was gonna get finished but after a XP Home SP2 update it would not reboot. Then got to checking on Linux and the screen went black. Got out of that and started checking further and I think it has a bad power supply. Gonna dig in the am and see if I have one that will work at least to test it with. 5 volt line is high and 12 v is low. Haven’t checked any of the others but with the dust in this machine…

Worked on a DVD player for Cat’s mom last night and this morning for several hours. Another one that just ain’t gonna work at least not today. It has plastic fatigue in the spindle hub alignment/tensioning points. Tried super glue and they came right back loose. Think it’s time she got another unit. 😦

Did get a work area of sorts fixed in the back/south room today. Managed to clear the floor out, get the plastic laid down and a piece of carpet over that. Moved a table in and strung a power cord and ether net cable, then mounted a power strip. Moved a monitor, keyboard and mouse in and tis a work space. Will see about pegboard in a day or 3.

Cooked another ham in the roaster this afternoon. No veggies this time and still turned out quite good. Ate way too much of it while cutting it up and then for supper.

For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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