Twas a Monday

Have managed to get some things done, but not necessarily the ones I wanted/needed to get done. After the wind filling the place with smoke more than once and REALLY filling it just as we were heading out the door, decided to get the furnace cement and do the pipes. Went to the folks house for a bit to drop off a crock pot and visit upon leaving. Got 3 motorized reindeer and some reading material + needed to get my phone and wallet so came back here afterwards to unload and pick up things. Afterwards headed back out and after filling the tank got the furnace cement at Tractor Supply, then went to Wally World and got stuff though not all that is needed prior to the trip to Calcis. Anyway came in and unloaded, then while Cat put stuff up I cleaned the pipes and started applying the cement. Started out with a putty knife and shortly moved to my hands. Says caustic to skin and eyes but only thing it did was remove the finger prints. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Works much better with the hands. Got most of it on. Noted a few minutes ago that I had missed a bit on the inside elbow but will get it tomorrow when it cools down a bit. Cooked and ate supper and then got back to the heater. Had let the cement dry for an hour or so and then started a small fire. Slowly built up to around 250 F and closed the doors. Let it build up to about 475 and then shut the draft controls. Buildup in the flue decided it was gonna burn anyway and did. Had brushed it out earlier but twas a baked on coating that wouldn’t come out and that is what caught on fire. No biggie but am really getting tired of it happening. Waiting on a friend to get me a 55 gal drum and am gonna do the Rocket Mass Heater. Need to call him and see when I can figure on having it in hand. For now am gonna call it a night here soon so till tomorrow… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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