Tuesday, smoke and plastic

Not necessarily in that order. The smoke and plastic that is. Started out with a knock on the door about the time coffee was ready. Twas a friend to pick up a computer I had fixed. He had a pair of hand trucks with a roll of plastic on them which was leaning up against the side of the qhut. Now this was a roll about 8 inches in diameter and 8 feet long. He came in and we talked a while and then he got the computer and walked out. Asked if I would trade the work for the roll of plastic and I agreed to do so. Went to pick it up and couldn’t move it. He laughed. Tis the stuff they print billboards on. Supposedly 5 year uv resistant. Says on the roll 14 oz, which I think means 14 oz per sq yd. He told me that he thought that it was a hundred yard roll. Don’t know but there is a bunch of it there. Aired my hand truck tires up and loaded it and when I broke it over and got it on my shoulder I nearly went down. Sucker is HEAVY! Moved it around back and there it sits. Will do something with it either tomorrow (doubtful as we are going to Calcis) or Thursday. Gonna have to build a stand to hold it so I can unroll it.

Anyway to get on with the day. Did lunch and then a Wally World run. Got back and split some wood and moved other pieces around. Also decided to cap the outside of the triple wall flue pipe off where it is outside the wall and letting cold air blow in. Pulled the flue off at the elbow and used the brush on the pipe coming inside. Covered the end of the triple wall with a old aluminum pan and cut the center out, and then tied it in place with some wire. Put the pipe back in place and came back inside, to discover that I had failed to close the dampers on the stove. As the wind was blowing quite strongly from the southwest the building was quite full of smoke, and still 7+ hours later smells of smoke. But it’s warmer in here without the draft that was coming in.

As I noted earlier, we are going to head to Calcis tomorrow to make a grocery run for Cat’s mom. Also got to go to Harpersville to get some stuff from the pharmacy for her. So guess with the long driving day, I need to hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😉


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