Wednesday which was a road day

Went and got one last load of stuff from WW this morning. From there went 431 to Bynum/Leatherwood to 202 to 78 and through Lincoln, Riverside, Pell City, where we turned off on a secondary road that bypasses most of the town. Came out on 231 and went through Vincent to Harpersville to the pharmacist. Got her stuff and then went back to Calcis. Unloaded and while Cat did a few things I read a bit and then walked the tracks looking for bottles. Found some old Pepsi throwaway twist tops from the 70’s but otherwise nothing. Will try again next trip. Loaded up her computer and printer and brought them back to update and do necessary things on, some of which are being done now. Loaded up and headed back with a stop at the river for lunch in the truck. Got back and unloaded, built the fire back up and got the computer updating. Did supper and continued with updates. Caught up on the feeds and tweets. For now am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow, when we got to cut wood for the weekend and coming possible storms… 😉


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