Thursday and lotta wood

Got a call from a friend this am telling me that we could have a load of wood if we wanted it. Split and seasoned. I replied in the affirmative and shortly we were on the way to get it. Loaded it up and returned home to unload. Filled the back porch cache and put a bit inside and the rest in the wood pile under the tarp.

I then spent an hour and a half doing maintenance to the bar and chain on the chain saw. Spend about half of that time reshaping the side rails on the bar where they had worn down, allowing the chain to cut crooked. Got every thing straightened, cleaned and reassembled and then went and cut the rest of the cedar that was on the trailer. From there went and cut a standing dead oak between here and the storage trailer. The top of the oak had been broken out by wind and was hung in trees about 30 feet off the ground. Came and got about 80 feet of 3/16 nylon rope and a piece of a brick and after a few tries got it over the trunk. Tried from one direction and when it wouldn’t move want under to the other side and after a bit managed to get it to turn loose and come down. Made a nice boom when it hit. Was about 8 inches in dia at the base, 30 feet long and about 4 inches across at the top. Cut up was several wheelbarrow loads of firewood. Got both pieces cut into firebox length pieces and took a break. Came to the house to get something to drink and noted a phone call from my folks. Returned the call and went that way to get a couple of storm doors that one of their neighbors had had replaced. Loaded them up and came back. Got a drink, grabbed the wheelbarrow and monster maul and went back and split it all into firewood. Cat came out and loaded, pushed it back to the wood pile, unloaded, and stacked it up. We now have about a cord and a half of good dry wood for the coming up cold spell. Should carry us through without a problem. Tis burning about twice as hot with lots less opening on the draft controls.

Cooked supper and did some more updates on Cat’s mom’s computer. Added some ram (at 1 GB now) and put in a video card to get that load off the motherboard. Seems about 3 times as fast as it was to me. Tis about ready for Cat to take over and do the other stuff she needs to do with scans and printing and stuff.

I’m gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… šŸ˜‰


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