Friday bits

With a few bits of shelving steel, some bolts and a couple of 20 foot long pieces of 8 ft wide sign plastic, along with lots of Cat’s help, we got the bathroom/ex greenhouse top covered this morning. Cut the plastic and took two 12 ft pieces of the upright metal and sandwiched the plastic between them. Used carriage bolts, lock washer, and nuts to put them together. Took it all around to the side of the building and bolted another piece of shelving upright to one side. Cat raised that side while I climbed the ladder on the qhut roof with the other side. Aligned it as best we could and then moved the ladder to where she was holding it up and unbolted the upright and screwed the cross pieces holding the plastic to the second floor wall. Moved the ladder back to the other side and screwed that side to the second floor wall. Added some wood to the south wall and cut another 11 foot long piece of the sign plastic and attached it to the south wall with staples. Lapped the top edge over the south wall covering and stapled it down too. A bit of duct tape around the dryer vent and bathroom drain vents and twas done before we ate lunch.

Seems to have done the trick as the temp in here is up a couple of degrees higher than it has been with less wood being consumed. So far have seen no sign of any water coming through either so hoping it will keep us dry until we get the time and weather to build a real roof and south wall over/around that area sometime this coming spring/early summer.

Am quite sore from the wood loading and splitting yesterday and ladder scaling today, so am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it an early night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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