eBay can kiss my arse

Got a message from eBay the other day about their upcoming changes to the price structure. What we are now paying around $15 a month for along with $.03 per listing will cost $15.95 a month and $.20 per listing. To get back to the $.03 per listing we would have to pay them $299 a month. But this is gonna be better for us. Yea right. Bunch of other stuff I am leaving out or missing I am sure but the bottom line is the cost for the small seller is going WAY up and I don’t see any additional benefit in it for us. Tis already costing about half or more of what we make every month just to pay their fees. Guess we should be selling more. 😦 Whatever. Am gonna start listing all of our stuff on Bonanzle and looking at other selling venues. Anyone got any good selling sites, please post them in the comments.


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