Little done Saturday

Twas a cool, gray, drizzly day in which I did little but mess with the computer and keep the fire going. Cooked a pot of soup for supper and to last a few days this evening. Restocked the firewood inside. Figured out how to use iDVD (kinda, sorta) to burn .avi files to dvds so they will play in stand alone dvd players. Takes over an hour per 20 minute file to process and almost an hour to process the menu on this iBook but it works and I’s got a lot more time than money so… 😉

Got another 4 files processing now to burn and another 9 after these get done. Can only put 4 on a disk at a time so will two additional disks after this one. iDVD says it has over 2 hours left in the processing on this batch, so suspect I will be long asleep by the time it gets done. Gonna do a bit more reading and browsing and call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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