Another done little Sunday

Had hopes of getting things done today but ended up sitting at the computer and reading/browsing most of the day.

Did get a mock up of the rocket mass heater built and fired. Got the heat exchange chamber up to 550F after about an hour of burn time. At around 500F the ceramic flue liner I was using cracked all the way down one side. Might not have done so if it had been insulated but it did so will be using a metal liner and clay/insulation around it so when the metal burns out there will be a good burn chamber still.

Other than that, made another pot of soup and added to that from yesterday. Refilled the firewood holder in here. Fired a test brick made with red clay and pine straw and leaves. Ended up quite hard in some areas. Want to make a mold and press and try a few to see how they will fire. Did the one tonight in the woodburner. Took it out when it was glowing yellow and let it cool on top of the stove. Should have left it in for a longer burn but was interested to see how it would do with a hours firing.

Think I am gonna call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another done little Sunday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Gee, you get to play with fire, and all I do is mess with computers. If I get fire, it’s a mistake of Biblical proportions. You get ALL the fun….

    Been a busy weekend. Working on computers, running errands, napping, all that kind of thing. Kinda enforced naps–when you just can’t do anything because your ass is dragging, it’s time to nap. Which throws everything else out of kilter, because once I take a nap, it takes me about an hour to get back up to speed again. Oh, well, at least I got the nap..

    Sign of the times–I have been getting computers to repair out the yin-yang. I think it’s because the economy is down, and instead of buying another computer (and tossing the old one into the closet instead of giving it to a geek who will get it running again in about 4 hours or less) they fix the old one. Ordered some RAM for a customer last night, and a video card and hard drive for me. Didn’t get a TV capture card, looked at them and got confused instead. I’ll just eat this elephant a bite at a time…the customer’s computer is a top-of-the-line Dell from 2004–3 GHz P4, 7200 RPM 120 GB HD, and only 256 MB of RAM! It is to weep…she’s springing for 2 GB more of RAM, and this thing is going to SMOKE when it gets in there. All that speed, to run AOL on Cableone internet. Sigh. Nice machine, though. Helps keep the house warm when it’s running too. Side note–she talked with the Dell rep on the phone, who proceeded to put every extra in the machine he could (except more RAM!) and when through talking, he asked “Can we ship this to you then?” She said “No, let me talk to my husband–give me your number and name.” She got it, talked to her husband, and then called back a couple of days later. Couldn’t reach that rep, the the Dell people told her the computer had already been shipped to her. Got there 2 hours after she called. She called Dell up, told them she hadn’t ordered the computer and that is was a gift, and then proceeded to negotiate a KILLER price for it. Including someone coming to her house and setting it up for her. Warms your heart to see someone stick it to Dell for a change, doesn’t it? She said she knew that she could have just kept it since she didn’t order it, but she didn’t feel right paying nothing. She felt fine about putting their feet to the fire on the price, though. Made my week to hear that….

    Well, gotta get ready and go to work. Have a good day!


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