One of those Fridays

Got a call early afternoon to call our across the street neighbor about a problem this morning. Made the call and turned out there was a person that had jumped our fence at the storage trailer that they had called the cops on. Cops had come and apprehended the person and after getting his particulars sent him on his way with a warning to leave the posted property and not come back. Went over to check on things and found wet footprints inside the building at the back door. This is 4 hours after the fact. Went through the place and everything seemed to be ok. Went back outside and found a pile of copper wire that was rolled up and waiting to be picked up, or dropped when the cops showed up. Came back over and got (after a extensive search) the roll of posted signs and put one up on each entry post (4 in all). Then went down and got a roll of barbed wire and assorted tools and implements of destruction and went back over and started clearing the fence row off to add a row of barbed wire at the top of the fence. Got the inside of the fence cleared off to the corner about 30 minutes before dark and discovered that the corner post had been broken off some years ago. Don’t go into that area much but still. 😦 Anyway pulled the wire tight and affixed it to the posts to within about 30 feet of the corner. Got a few places that will go back and put in additional pieces of barbed wire but for the most part tis in good shape. Will put in a new corner post Sunday if possible. Tomorrow we have to go to Calcis to take back the computer and a bunch of groceries. Need to make a trip over and do some locking up. So till tomorrow… 😉


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