Bits of Saturday

Did the WW trip this morning. Made a stop back here at the compound and then headed south. Tried the Alexandria, 431, Bynum Leatherwood, 78 route this time. Twas 57 miles. Coming back via 78 to center of old downtown Lincoln and out the old route to Boiling Springs road and then to 144 and Alexandria was 53 miles. And not even close on the traffic. Anyway made one additional stop at Stan’s Health Foods in Pell City and then to Calcis. Got stuff unloaded and situated. Cat set the computer up and then found that the card I had put in was also incompatible with the Acer X163W monitor that she has so will have to find a card that will work and carry it down and put it in. Got stuff all done and came back home. Checked across the way at the storage trailer when we got back in and it all seems fine. Guess the cops scared him bad enough or the additional barbed wire worked. Either is fine with me. Gonna see about finishing the fence tomorrow. Gonna have to find and cut a corner post and bracing for both directions, dig holes for them, cut the old wire out, and put up new around the corner at the least. Then will be able to go back down the fence with additional barbed wire and patch a place or 3 where there are holes in the field fencing. For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and call it an early night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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