Monday done

And I’m tired out. Went out this am and paid the power bill. Came back and after doing a bit of hunting around for bits and pieces, got started on the fence. Added the bracing and drove in a couple of posts, then got started on the wire. Pulled the field fencing around the corner post and got it attached. Broke for lunch then got back at it. Added another piece of field fencing and tensioned it and tied it to another T-post that I added to the side fence. Got the barbed wire run, tensioned, and attached to the side fence, then ran another piece along the front fence. Tensioned it and attached it to all the posts on the front fence. Took a break and walked the side fence to the creek. Looks like with a bit of luck can bushhog the entire way. If the rain is over in time tomorrow will see if I can get it hooked up and start on it, otherwise will start on it Wednesday. Got the trailer moved back over here and tractor put up, then filled a bucket a couple of times with the dried creek gravel and filled the area on the west side of the stove where the cob bench will go. Almost ready to get that bit started. Or I am hoping so. For now am gonna call it an early night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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