Thursday bits

Still not up to doing a whole lot. Got out this afternoon and took the tractor and trailer up to the power line where I pulled up the last remaining metal posts from the air soft stuff. Or the last ones on the power line anyway. Headed back and about half way down the hill cut and loaded some dead and down dogwood. Stopped at the bottom of the hill and loaded some boards that had been used at one of the “forts”. On down at the cedar thicket cut and loaded a couple of cedars for firewood as well as some more lumber for building with. Brought it all back here and unloaded it. Cut up the bits that needed it and split that which was big enough to warrant it. Cat loaded and stacked the cut and split onto the firewood pile. Got a piece of 1/2 inch hardware cloth and trimmed off a damaged section. Got 3 2×6’s and cut one in half to make a frame to use with the hardware cloth to make a box for separating out the larger rocks from the creek gravel. Was hoping to get it done tonight so I could separate the dried stuff before the rain/snow but got too cold and I called it a night. Been browsing and reading since eating. Gonna go back to it for a while and then call it a night, so till tomorrow…


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