Snowy Friday

Ended up with about 3 inches total here. Tis more than enough. Had to dump the roofs of the temp carports 7 or 8 times. Lost count. 😦 Had to shovel the show away from the firewood pile after about 5 times as it was then over 3 feet deep and about 6 feet across. No problems with the old greenhouse/now bathroom roof that we covered with the sign plastic. It has self cleaned 5 times now if I recall correctly. Been plenty warm in here with the woodburner going. Staying around mid 60’s downstairs and mid 70’s upstairs. Had a friend come by with several computers for repair/upgrade. Been working on one of them tonight. Had 98 sp2 on it and am presently updating it to 2000 sp4. Not sure how far along it is but has been grinding away for about 40 minutes now. Hoping it will work ok. If not will have to see if I have any ram to put in it. For now am gonna check the fire and do a bit more browsing, then, whenever this thing finishes, call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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2 Responses to “Snowy Friday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Much snow here also. (Well, for Alabama it is much snow) School let out starting at 11:00, and I left work just before 12:00. Interesting ride home in the snow. The roads were OK, when taken at a reasonable speed. Must say whilst we were outside a little later several people went by at unreasonable speeds. Including logging trucks. Fun, fun, fun. Had a mostly relaxing afternoon. The daughter and I went down to Edward’s to get some stuff to make vegetable soup, and I wound up advising someone on antivirus/antispyware and bringing a hard drive back to check out. My daughter said: “I just can’t take you ANYWHERE!” with a little bit of exasperation. I guess it’s true. Made the soup with vegetables frozen fresh by one of my aunts that we came into possession of when she cleaned out her freezer. Very yummy! I’ll have to call her and tell her to put us on the “Call when I need freezer space” list. She had half a beef to put up, and no room, and was going to throw away TONS of frozen vegetables from various local gardens. My mother was there, and she took the stuff, then discovered SHE didn’t have enough room for it all, and brought it to us. Must say the difference in taste on everything we have cooked has been remarkable. Put in some okra, black-eyed peas, and corn from the freezer, and onions, potatoes, and hamburger, as well as the crushed tomatoes and seasonings. Had to split the soup to two pots for a while as it overfilled the usual pot. Note to self–get bigger pot….it all went back together after cooking a little while. Daughter made jalapeno cornbread, and it was all good. Leftovers, of course, with all that soup….

    I know the feeling with redoing the computers. It’s gets to be fun. I have found that you can get by with 128 MB and patience with W2K, but 256 or above is much better. Never have seen much benefit from more than 512, though. And some of the slowest CPUs (though not all, by any means) have seemed the fastest. Not surprisingly, old AMD Athlons seem to do the best, with Durons and PIIIs coming in next. I have had some 450 MHXz PIIIs that were quite snappy, and I don’t know why…could be that they were the top-of-the-line in their day, and other things besides the CPU were optimized as well. I will be calling a guy in a little bit to set up a rendezvous to get two computers from him–one for me to work on, and the other for you. That laptop I called you about a couple of weeks ago. Power supply on an HP. And hopefully I’ll be able to get the HD and video card in my machine and get an OS on it this weekend. Gonna try REAL hard, amidst all the “honey-dos” and such.

    Well, the bacon and cheese drop biscuits are getting nearly ready, methinks. I make up a HUGE batch when I do them, and then we eat them for about a week. These suckers are REALLY good, if I say so myself. Modified a recipe that one of the teachers at the high school did. Instead of sausage, I used bacon. Instead of Bisquick (which is really quite expensive), I used self-rising flour. Instead of vegetable oil, I used bacon grease. (Yeah, I know, but it tastes GREAT!) Cheese and cheddar cheese soup remain unchanged. Use milk instead of water. Basically, I make biscuits with bacon and cheese in them. Just do drop biscuits–they come out just fine. Can hardly wait!

    Have a good day, and I may drop by later.


  2. Steve Says:

    Other than becoming a tweeter (twit?) myself, is there any way to comment on your tweets?

    I fell your pain on the .net updates–sometimes several times a week…is it really that hard to roll a COMPLETE update, and replace the other ones? Of course, some of the updates are to disable earlier updates. I wish I were making it up, but it’s true…


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