Monday done

And hoping Tuesday will be more productive. Spent most of the day messing with the Linux box. Both messing it up and fixing it. Both of which succeed. Was trying to get an old serial port touch pad working and edited a file but instead of getting the touch pad working managed to kill the mouse. Tried several things and ended up booting into Puppy Linux and reediting the file to remove the stuff I had added. Rebooted again and all was as it had been. From there got the reboot and shutdown commands back in Kubuntu by going to KDM vs GDM. Once the change was made all was as it should be. I understand there is a way to have each drive the appropriate desktop but have not gone/gotten there yet.

Had yet another person come by wanting our scrap today. Gonna see about putting up the fence across the front and adding signs to the effect of “No the scrap is NOT for sale” and “NO you may NOT have any of it”. Am getting quite pissed at these folks. Guess I need to move it all down to the hill and start sorting it all out to take to the scrap dealer myself.

Made a trip to WW which turned into a trip to Lowe’s and then back here to unload and then a trip back out to WW for the stuff we went out to get originally.

For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night. So till tomorrow… 😉


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