Thursday bits

Went by the folks house this morning and then got fuel. Came back home and ate lunch, then headed to Piedmont. Managed to get the lights working after a fashion, at least for now. Will do a more permanent fix asap. Did a few other things up there and came back home. Started the fire and then realized I had meant to clear the flue prior to rebuilding it. Went out an ran the brush through and when I went to put it back up the upper part of the stack came loose about 12 feet up the tower. Fabricated a couple of cross braces and with Cat’s help got things put back up and in place. Came back in and got supper cooking. Poked the fire a time or two and been trying to get Cat’s iBook to cancel the repair with no success. Get the feeling the memory is full. Hate to kill it at this stage but may do so and restart it. For now am gonna fight with the laptops a bit more and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Thursday bits”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like the usual full day/week. Been doing the usual stuff at work. A little unusual today, the Tech Fair at JSU. Always interesting. If somewhat long, being all day. But it’s different, anyway. Starting to fill up with computers to fix again, and just haven’t had much energy for it. Have that one I talked to you about, and if it isn’t the power supply that thing is borked but GOOD. Have a power supply to try it out with, just as soon as I can make sure it isn’t one of Dell’s “custom” power supplies.

    Well, the oatmeal is awaiting final preparation, and then I’ll need to get ready and go. Have a good day!


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