Friday finished

Made the trip to Calcis with the usual last minute WW side trip. Then back here to finish loading as there was a 12 ft 1×8 we took with us to cut into shelving. One last stop in Pell City at Stan’s Health Food Shop for a few more things she needed. Then on to Calcis. Got stuff unloaded, then put the wall standards up, installed the shelf brackets and then measured for the shelves. Cut the board into 3 pieces and then drilled recesses for the bracket ends to go into and put them up. Cat loaded the canned goods up on them and I went to the back porch and checked the light. Twas turning on but not off, so replaced it. Packed everything up and home we came. Still no mail. Has been either 8 or 9 days now. Gonna go to the Weaver PO tomorrow if we get up and moving in time and ask if they have just quit delivering to us. For some reason I think that we should have some junk mail in that time if nothing else, so either there is a problem with the carrier or they have dropped us off the route. Am certainly wondering which it is. Got a package to ship out at the Alexandria PO (better prices (for some reason) and nicer people out there) in the am and then will head to Piedmont and get some more done on the building. Figure to carry a few boxes of product that way which will clear more area in the qhut to let us get more stuff unloaded and packed. For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow…


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