Monday and done

With the day I is anyway. Took a load to Piedmont this morning. Put up the rest of the grid wall in the front room and some pegboard in the computer repair room. Moved some stuff around, ate lunch and came back here with a load of banana boxes to load and haul back up there. Spent the rest of the afternoon boxing up stuff from the shelves in the qhut, then about dark went over to the storage trailer and boxed up the paperbacks and about half the Readers Digest books that we used as spacers on the shelves in the main hall. Came back over here and ate supper. Went back into the front and boxed more stuff up for a bit and then called it a night. Been sitting at the computer for a while and have gotten to feeling quite bad. Not sure if its a bug, or just over done and over driven the last few days. Think I am gonna call it an early night and see if sleep will help. So till tomorrow… 😉


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