Worn out Tuesday

Tore down the drier and cleaned and lubed all the moving bits. Went to the old McAuto building and located a used belt that would work. Came back and put it in, aligned everything and checked it. Worked so put it all back together. Boxed up a bunch more stuff from the qhut than loaded the truck and after eating lunch made a trip to Piedmont to unload it. Came back and after getting the tractor going, unloading the t-posts and assorted fence building tools from the trailer, hooked it up and headed to the woods to cut firewood. Felled a standing dead oak about 16″ in diameter and 50+ feet tall. Cut it into 18″ or so rounds and then split them into firewood sized pieces. After a few hundred blows the 20 lb maul starts to get heavy. 😦 But after a couple of hours got it all done and loaded on the trailer. Drove it back to the compound and unhooked the tractor. Cat started the unloading while I put the tractor up. She unloaded most of it while I finished splitting a few odd pieces that had not gotten done in the woods. Looks like we got about 2/3s of a full cord, or about 2 face cords. Was hoping for a cord but dark happened. May try to get more tomorrow but will have to wait and see what weather is like and if I can move when the morning comes. For now am gonna reboot the computer to settle some updates and then see about calling it a night. So till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Worn out Tuesday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Been busy and haven’t commented. Looks like you have been busier…nothing new there, I guess.

    Just the usual work and such. Have a couple of computers I’m working on, kinda buffaloed on both of them at the moment. Will work some more this evening. One is hardware, I believe, the other I am trying to clean up the mess from a fake antivirus without having to reload everything. Just won’t update. I believe the fake antivirus is gone, but it left some kaka behind in the registry (I think) that is stopping ALL updates. If you have a clue, and would like to make a recommendation, I’m all ears, so to speak. Me and Mr. Google will talk some more, I guess, and I’ll see what I can come up with….

    Well, it’s about time to go get ready for work. Have an nice day, and enjoy this balmy (for Antartica, anyway) weather!


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