Thursday bits

Boxed and loaded more stuff from the front of the qhut this morning till I got a truck bed full. Loaded up and went to Piedmont where we unloaded and carried it inside. Talked to Mark for a bit and unloaded some stuff from his truck which we will be checking out and listing online soon. Ate lunch and then headed to Gadsden and Rainbow City where we went to the America’s Thrift Store. Found a desk that was on sale for 50% off that we hope will do in Cat’s mom’s living room for her tv and computer. Bought it and after loading it came back here where I tied it down properly and we then made a trip to WW. Got a fair amount of stuff to carry down tomorrow. Came back and unloaded, cleaned the ashes from the woodburner, rebuilt the fire, and then fixed supper while Cat fed the cats. Ate and been catching up on the world online since. Planning on heading south in the morning. Got a computer to look at tomorrow afternoon here if we get back in time, if not will check it out on Saturday. For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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